By (author)Elangovan


BOSE ( + Transportation) exposes the impregnable mystery of the death of the forgotten hero Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, and explores the numerous conspiracy theories. Bose, the most fascinating personality from history in Asia, led the Indian National Army from Singapore in its armed struggle against the British imperial forces of India for independence. TRANSPORTATION captures the displacement and suffering, cultural denigration and crisis of identity that ensues from all forms of estrangement in the colonial period in the penal settlements. It reconstructs the experiences of native criminals and political prisoners transported overseas to the penal settlements established by the British, from the late eighteenth to mid-twentieth centuries, in Southeast Asia (Singapore and Malaya), the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Islands. The plays were staged by Agni Kootthu (Theatre of Fire) with support from National Arts Council, Arts Fund and Lee Foundation. I. BOSE is published with the support of National Arts Council’s Publication and Translation Grant scheme.

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